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If you are looking for the  best dog training in South Florida, look no further! I have over 20+ years of professional dog training experience. My methods are humane and highly effective. You will have positive dog training results right from the first dog training  class!!

Our  dog training programs include:

  • Puppy Training (includes potty)
  • Beginning Obedience
  • Advanced Obediece (off leash)
  • Behavior modification
  • Aggression training (all levels)
  • Protection training (personal and property)
  • Service Dog Training (according to the ADA guidelines)
  • and MORE.....

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Obedience and Behavior

We work with all levels of obedience. From on leash work to off leash. Your dog will learn how to understand your commands and how to follow instructions every time. Our behavior modification is second to none! You will see positive dog training results right from the first class!

 The goal is better communication between you and your dog. If your dog understands what you want, they will happily and eagerly follow your instructions. The training is fun for the owners and the dogs! . 
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Puppy Training

Our puppy training includes obedience and potty. We also will help your puppy curb any negative or annoying behaviors so they will not get worse and at the same time we  teach you how to handle any future negative behaviors. We help your puppy learn manners and how to undertand what you want from them
. Our training will lead to a long, happy, well balanced life for your puppy.

Your puppy will learn in a possitive way  from loving and encoraging hands!
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When your dog shows signs of aggression either human or towards other dogs, there is nothing more frustrating and scary.
This is our specialty.
We have rehabilitated more aggression cases than any other trainer in South Florida. We have often had to take over where other trainers have not been able to succed. 
We have saved dogs from being euthenized or from ending up in a shelter.
So I can safely say that if aggression is your dog's issue, we are the trainers for you! 
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What makes us different?

Happy  Dogs Happy Owners

What make us different in the dog training industry is that the owner, Master Dog Trainer and behaior expert Richard Heinz himself will train your dog. Master dog trainer Richard Heinz has trained thoursands of dogs successfully. He has used and perfected all dog training methods with the newest and best techniques in the dog training world today. Richard Heinz will train you and your dog at your home using the latest dog training techniques to get fast and effective results that both you and your dog will be happy with. 
 Your dog will love Richard Heinz as they will sense his love for your 4 legged companions. 
You will love Richard Heinz  because  you will see results right from the first lesson as he makes the training fun, easy and fast!.

See for yourself what a different the right trainer  can make!


Happy dogs


Happy owners


Happy life

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Meet Richard Heinz

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My name is Richard Heinz. I am a Master Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior expert.  I am known as the Miami Dog Whisperer. I love dogs! I get so excited as each new program starts and I can meet a new dog and their owners. I give 100% to every owner and I enjoy watching the dog evolving and enjoying the training as much a I do.
Customer service is my number one priority.Most of my bussiness is referral based becuase of not only the success of my training techniques but because I truly care about the dogs I train and their family! I have been working as a professional dog trainer for 20+ years and I have dedicated my life to making amazing relationships between the dogs I train and their owners. I volunteer and work with shelter dogs to make them more adoptable in an effort to eliminate dogs being put down for lack of proper training. I am looking forward to meeting you and your dog!  
I hope you give me the opportunity to work with you!

Happy Dogs  - Happy Owners

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